IELTS Life Skills A1

(International English Language Testing System Life Skills)

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IELTS life skills

International English Language System (IELTS) Life Skills is a new test required by UKBA for visa purposes to make sure that the applicant is capable to stand at A1 or B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) at their English language proficiency. This test is launching by University of Cambridge with their partners IDP: Australia and British Council in April 2015. IELTS life skills are particularly for those people who want to migrate to the United Kingdom (UK).Currently it will be acceptable for UK visa purposes, but in future it is possible that many other countries also start accepting IELTS life skills for visa purposes for language proficiency.

For whom this test is:This test is for those applicants who need to prove just their two skills (Listening & Speaking) as demanded by authorities specially United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) for immigration purposes.

 Difference between IELTS (academic/general) and IELTS life skills

IELTS Academic/ General

IELTS Life skills

  Covers A2 to C2 Level of CEFR   Covers only A1 or B1 Level of CEFR
  All four skills are tested   Only listening and Speaking skills are assessed
Total test time approximately  2 hours and 45 minutes   For A1 Level takes approximately 16 – 18 minutes

For B1 Level takes approximately 22 minutes

Test on paper and only speaking is assessed face to face   Both Listening and Speaking is Face to Face


Test format

Test format There are two parts of this test both parts of the test are based on reflection of everyday communication in the English language like personal details, thoughts, family and friend, purchasing goods, work, health, education, weather etc.

 Some details are given below:

Part 1: In this part the test taker is supposed to answer the question or ask questions on familiar topics

Part 2: In this part the test taker’s listening and speaking skills are assessed at the same time.

At Both levels (A1 and B1) test takers will listen to a task from CD. Completion of this task will show the capability of listening for gist as well as intense according to level.

Remember:This test is an oral test; test taker needs to speak not to write, but they can make notes while listening to the CD.

Sitting arrangement:There will be an examiner and two test takers. Both candidates are assessed for speaking and listening without any break and both of them are separately assesses means one candidate can’t affect the assessment of another candidate.

The results:Test results will be available after 6 days of the test with “Pass” or “Below Pass” stated on it. “Pass” means you have cleared the test, but “Below Pass” means you are failing to achieve the requirement of the test. is first Institute who starts preparation for IELTS life skills for visa purposes with according to suit your needs.

Prepration:  is offering 6-8 weeks program, in which you can enroll in morning or evening classes.

Spouse Visa Test in Pakistan

Spouse Visa Test in Pakistan

IELTS Life Skills is used as a UK spouse visa test in Pakistan. The ability to communicate in Basic English in daily life is tested in the UK spouse visa test in Pakistan. IELTS Life Skills (A1) is basic requirement of UKVI for spouse visa. This exam goes to A1 level on the CEFR and A1 level is the requirement for UK spouse visa test in Pakistan. So, it is used as an UK spouse visa test in Pakistan. The results of this test are valid for two years and there is just PASS or FAIL result.

The Levels of the test are = A1

Exam Format

The UK spouse visa test has four phases:

Phase 1 (a) 1 (b) 2 (a) 2 (b)
time 4 – 5 mins 5 mins 4 mins 3 – 4 mins

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the passing marks of the spouse visa test in Pakistan?  The passing marks are 45%.

When do we receive the results? You will receive certificate about 8 days of test day.

What do I need to bring on the day of my examYou must have your original and valid passport or CNIC for appearing in the exam as this is the requirement of the UK spouse visa test in Pakistan.

When can I appear in the UK spouse visa test in Pakistan?

You can appear in the test on the following dates:


Test Type


A1 Life Skills


A1 Life Skills


A1  Life Skills


A1 Life Skills


A1  Life Skills


A1 Life Skills


A1 Life Skills


A1 Life Skills


A1 Life Skills

A1 Life Skills

Our Class timing for Morning Students are 10:00 Am – 12:00 PM  Evening Students are  3:00 Pm – 5:00 PM .