International (ESOL) Introduction


 The City & Guilds International ESOL examinations offer a comprehensive test of Listening, Reading and Writing skills in English which can either be taken as a stand-alone examination or a complement to the International Spoken ESOL examinations. These examinations are accredited by the UK Qualification & Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) and are defined by QCDA as being ESOL International qualifications. According to QCDA Criteria, ESOL International qualifications are designed for candidates who are not native speakers of English and who wish to achieve a high quality, internationally recognized qualification in English that is available and recognized worldwide and, at the highest level (NQF level 3/CEF C2), candidates who are preparing for entry to higher education or professional employment in the UK or elsewhere. International ESOL Qualifications are designed to reference the descriptions of language proficiency in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The levels in the CEFR have been mapped to the levels in the National Qualifications Framework for England Wales and Northern Ireland (see, Pathways to Proficiency: the alignment of language proficiency scales for assessing competence in English Language DFES/QCA, 2003). Who are the City & Guilds International ESOL qualifications intended forNon-native speakers of English worldwide  young people or adults attending an English course either in the UK or overseas students learning English as part of their school or college curriculum  people needing English for their everyday or working life  learners who require externally recognized certification of their levels in English those who are attending courses over a period and require a series of graded examinations which provide steps up in the ladder of proficiency learners attending short courses in English.

International ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) (8984)

This range of examinations complements the International ESOL series. It is a separately administered spoken examination and is available at the same levels as the International ESOL range. Spoken English Tests for Business (8981) The Spoken English Test (SET) for Business is a qualification specifically developed for candidates who need to use spoken English in the workplace. This qualification is ideal for those who work in business in an English speaking country or in a multinational organization which uses English for internal communications.

Preliminary can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases satisfying practical needs in connection with education, training and social roles.

  • Can introduce him/her and others.
  • Can ask and answer questions about personal details such as possessions, address and people known.
  • Can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help. • Can read and understand short texts on familiar topics and obtain information from common signs and symbols.
  • Can write short simple phrases and sentences in documents such as forms, lists and messages. n tests are taken each.